An Unintentional Journey

Day two in Switzerland found us in the middle of a “storm”. Or, at least there was a storm in the mountains. With heavy wind warnings and blizzard like conditions, most of the higher mountain ski slopes were closed. Not wanting to forfeit another day of attempting to ski, we found another slope lower down […]

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Adventures in Skiing

When we first booked our trip to Switzerland, everyone thought we were crazy. Or professional skiers. Or both. The most common response was “Oh, you ski?” to which we would reply “We have skied before!” -which loosely translated into something along the lines of “I’ve been skiing once. Fifteen years ago.” Sometimes I forget how […]

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Welcome to “In the Works” -originally based on “Carriage Works” adventures at an auto repair shop on the island of Ketchikan Alaska…two sisters wrote about their tales from “The Shop.”

Now “In the Works” has gone international! With Christina continuing to blog about life in the auto shop, and Amanda now married, living overseas, and blogging from England. Together they write and debate: about world travel adventures, about all things American and British, about crossing the streets in London, train rides through China, pickled watermelon rinds, and occasional serious musings and thoughts on God and the Bible. Many treasures are to be found here.

Thanks for stopping by our little corner(s) of the world, and have a happy day!